Steak Salad (I even cooked the steak!!)

I have never been a salad person. Why even put the lettuce in it, when we all know that we eat salad for the toppings and dressing, and in our hearts actually despise the grassy green stuff we pretend to like cuz it has no calories? Why not just drink a glass of water, instead of eating a bunch of lettuce?

And then there’s the problem of store-bought dressing. The injustice of something so repulsive having so many calories, and being poured on so many unsuspecting peoples plates is just depressing, when you think about it. 60 calories so I can sludge my way through piles of fake blue cheese and mayonnaise? I don’t think so. Instead I chose the sun dried tomato vinaigrette. Whether or not it went with my toppings is really immaterial. Cuz everything tastes the same once you’ve poured the dressing on, right?

That is, unless you have an organic, shot by your dad in the back yard, pan-fried a few days ago by yours truly, venison steak. And yes, I would have just devoured the left overs on their own, except that I also really wanted to eat the cucumber with the amazing aroma that just screamed “Eat me!” and the cherry tomatoes that aren’t going to get any better, but are perfect right now, and cheese.

And when I want to eat all of those particular things, it suddenly becomes steak salad.

I am not an amazing cook by any means. I’m putting my thoughts here to push myself to do research and practice more. But one thing I have learned about salads that changed my life, and actually made me like it more, even with the unnecessary lettuce, is that salads needs seasoning too. And by seasoning, I mean salt and pepper. Well, mostly salt. And it must be sea salt or some type of unrefined salt. (If that confuses you, just do a google search on unrefined salt.) The amount of enjoyment a little bit of salt can add to an unremarkable salad is astronomical. You’d think the dressing would add enough, but all they really put in that stuff is sugar to make it more addicting, just like every other processed product out there. And so once you’ve dumped on your 4 tablespoons, you think you’ve already added way too much. Yet you still probably don’t enjoy your salad. Cuz there is hardly any salt on it. I am telling you right now, salt your salads; and do it before you put the dressing on, so it gets on all those veggies that really need it.

One last tip in the salad department: use a big enough bowl. Salads, even if they are just for you, take up a lot of room, and there is nothing more annoying that making a beautiful one, and then not being able to get the dressing (the only thing you were actually craving) onto the lettuce because there isn’t enough room to toss it without it going all over your counter. Been there, done that, and take it from me, the 30 seconds you spend washing out your tossing bowl is well worth it.


2 thoughts on “Steak Salad (I even cooked the steak!!)

  1. This is my favorite quote about salad, which I read originally in the Joy of Cooking:

    “Let the salad-maker be a spendthrift for oil, a miser for vinegar, a statesman for salt, and a madman for mixing.”

    I ate salads made following this maxim when I went on my college trip to Rome and they were AWESOME! I am, in short, very much with you when it comes to the importance of salt on salads.


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