What I Ate: My Guide to Vancouver

I did actually make something this week. Which I could technically write about here, on this post that is technically supposed to be what I MADE, but……. I just ate too much good food on the trip I took last week, and I must talk about it.

The thing I loved most about living in Vancouver, besides the daily panorama of the ocean, was the food. Small town life can’t offer the variety and surprises in ethnic foods that the big city has in spades. So the planning of my recent visit there revolved mostly around food. The food I knew I needed to eat there that does not exist where I live now.

Ironically, the first thing I have to talk about is not food, but drink, and is readily available everywhere. But the roast I have in mind is specific to Vancouver, and tastes as unique as a unicorn would look nowadays. In other words, this coffee is like no other. And its JJBean. And its awesome. And it is the first must in my guide to Vancouver.

So moving on to actual food, there are literally hundreds of sushi places in this city, probably thousands. And they are all fantastic and very affordable. So we had sushi on Friday night. And it was so yummy. But the real story here is that my sis made us try tamago, which is a random strange sort of sushi dessert, lightly sweetened eggs, cooked in a special folded over pattern, and served with sushi rice. I know, crazy. But it was actually…………sort of good……………in a very weird sushi-ish way.

The next day was Granville Island time, and the highlight of this was the amazing Gelato that I had never tried before. They had Ferrero Rocher gelato. Made in house. I mean, I ask you, does it get any better than that? I also gave into my cravings at the market, and bought weird cheese and specialty salami, and feta-stuffed olives (I won’t be forgetting those soon) and parsley and garlic olives. Wow. I still do not know how people who do not like olives survive.

AND, I must bore you with yet another drink must have: Barrel-aged gin. It is caramel colored, doesn’t taste like gin at all really, and is made in the Granville Island Distillery. Unbelievable. And worth every penny.

I cannot go through every thing I ate, because it would take way to long, so I will leave you with an idea of something sort of Turkish/Persian/Middle Eastern called chicken shawarma, which is the most flavorful charred fantastic chicken you will ever taste. Whether its in a pita wrap or dumped over rice, it doesn’t matter. It is one of my favorite things about Vancouver. We get it at a place called Al Basha, along with falafel and all their other house made goodness. Its insane. Argh, I’m starting to salivate just thinking about it. Jamie Oliver has a shawarma recipe in his Comfort Food cookbook but I have yet to try it.

Oh, and there is also the amazing chicken tomato chili that my sisters made, and that we demolished because it was so good. and the knock your socks off chai place. Like I said, this would literally never end. So I shall say farewell, and hope that my word-vomit on all things food in Vancouver wasn’t too unbearable.



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