What I Made: Leftovers

Whipped up a pretty fantastic brunch today with literally 3 ingredients. And it tasted pretty fabulous on top of that!

I started with fresh garden tomatoes, a fact which I think is crucial to small ingredient dishes. In other words, if you don’t want to have to bump up the flavor to make your dish good, you have to use fresh tasty ingredients. Its a balance. Fresh food means big flavor, and will cost you. Not so fresh food can be transformed but takes more work.

I cut the tomatoes into big chunks and sauteed them in a non stick pan. No oil, nothing. I let them get a little bit stuck on the pan, and then doused with just a couple tablespoons of water, and lots ( I mean lots ) of seasoning, as well as about 3/4 cup of leftover rice. Let that simmer away until the water is gone; at this point keep mixing and the tomatoes will basically be gone as well….mashed into a glorious easy sauce. After that I added a slice of crumbled cheddar cheese, mixed that in to melt and added more seasoning.

All that was left was to eat it, and it tasted delicious. A sprinkling of fresh herbs wouldn’t have hurt this dish, but it honestly didn’t miss it. Very hot and satisfying. A sprinkling of hot peppers, or some garlic or lemon juice would also elevate it a little bit.

But easy does it. Leftover cooking is one of the best kinds. And tomatoes fresh out of the garden cannot be beat, of that I am convinced. They already have deep earthy flavor on their own, and that becomes condensed very quickly when you cook them down. Rice could be replaced by any number of leftover foods. Whatever you have on hand will probably work.

That’s all for now, but I figured I’d share such an easy and yummy dish. It made me sigh with delight.


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